Meet the GOES-R STEM Team

Meet the GOES-R STEM Team

Photo of John Moore

John D. Moore

2015 GLOBE Distinguished Educator Fellow

  • Executive Director, Institute for Earth Observations and Palmyra Cove Nature Park
  • Director, GLOBE Partner @ Institute for Earth Observations
  • GLOBE Scientist, Trainer, and Teacher
  • Albert Einstein Distinguished Fellow Emeritus 2009-2011, NSF GEO



Timothy J. Schmit

  • Satellite Research Meteorologist
  • Center for SaTellite Applications and Research (STAR)
  • Advanced Satellite Products Branch (ASPB)

Email: or


Steve Goodman

  • GOES-R Program Scientist



Rouzbeh Nazari

  • Assistant Professor
    Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Rowan University



Margaret Mooney



Peter Dorofy

  • Director of Science, Technology, and Education, Institute for Earth Observations/Palmyra Cove Nature Park
  • GLOBE Scientist
  • AMS Distinguished Educator (2013)
  • USOAR Experience Developer