FAQ - Protocols

Science Protocols

In order to find recommended age or grade ranges for each protocol, go to: www.globe.gov and click on "Do GLOBE" tab -> "GLOBE Teacher's Guide" link -> under the right-hand column heading "Implementing GLOBE in the Classroom" select "Toolkit" -> Scroll down to page 19: "GLOBE Measurements and Their Instruments." This table will list the appropriate age levels recommended for taking each GLOBE measurement. Several measurements will say "ALL" because they can be tailored by the teacher to fit the needs of their students.

In order to see the requirements to qualify for the GLOBE Science Honor Roll, go to Honor Roll Specifications.

For atmosphere observations, users are able to take data measurements anywhere within 100 meters of the weather station location. For measurements from a distance further away than that, users will need to define a new site. Users should always take new GPS readings for each new site, as they may be slightly different. If the study site is too far away, there may be a "warning message" about the distance, but the data will still "count" and the user will get the "smiley faces" when they submit the information.