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06 February: GLOBE Mission EARTH Teacher Webinar: “Teacher Sharing”

Teachers learning GLOBE

U.S. Community: Join the GLOBE Mission EARTH teacher webinar, Tuesday, 06 February (8 p.m. EST): “Teacher Sharing.”   

Join teachers from around the country as they share strategies and tips for implementing GLOBE in the classroom (from elementary to high school). Specifically,

  • Gina Springer and Vicki Willet, teachers from Licking Heights Schools in Licking Height, Ohio, will describe an activity that illustrates how the sun warms the Earth for first graders.  
  • Juliet Hamilton, Grade 4 GLOBE teacher from Skyridge Elementary in Auburn, California, will talk about how she has implemented GLOBE in her classroom this year.
  • Susan James, Grade 5 teacher from St. Peter Elementary School in Mansfield, Ohio, will provide advice in doing GLOBE in an afterschool science club.
  • Marcy Burns, Grade 5 teacher from Main Street Intermediate School in Norwalk, Ohio, will tell how she brings the watershed into her classroom and shares resources from NASA wavelength.
  • And more teachers will be joining in from Providence (Rhode Island) Public Schools.

To join both webinars, click here.

GLOBE Mission EARTH is a collaborative of multiple institutions across the United States formed to increase involvement in The GLOBE Program. The mission is to improve education and involvement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by increasing participation of students and citizens in The GLOBE Program.

For more information on the GLOBE Mission EARTH campaign, click here.

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