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22 April: Earth Day 2022 – Celebrate with GLOBE!

2022 Earth Day banner, featuring photos of GLOBE community members in action

Celebrate Earth Day with GLOBE – Air Temperature Data Challenge

Earth Day is 22 April, and this year marks the 27th Anniversary of The GLOBE Program!

To celebrate Earth Day 2022, the GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) invites GLOBE students to participate in the global Air Temperature Data Challenge. The challenge encompasses a series of activities that will give students the opportunity to engage in the scientific process. The challenge's objective aims to:

  • collect air temperature (AT) data measurements simultaneously around the world;
  • visualize AT data with graphs or drawings; and
  • connect with the worldwide GLOBE community during the celebration and beyond!

GLOBE Earth Day Broadcast

GLOBE’s annual celebratory Earth Day broadcast will begin right on this page at 09:00 a.m. MST (+7 UTC). (Find out what time the stream starts in your area.)  

 Earth Day events will feature:

  • Opening remarks: GIO Director Dr. Tony Murphy will kick off the celebration.
  • Video: There will be a special presentation for the GLOBE community.
  • 2022 IVSS Drawing: Student teams from each region who have successfully participated in the International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS) will be entered into a drawing to receive admission to the virtual 2022 Annual Meeting and a stipend for purchase of science equipment for their classrooms.
  • Data Collection Results: The results and featured photos/visualizations from the AT Data Challenge will be shared with the community.
  • GLOBE Student Vloggers: The 2022/2023 GLOBE Student Vlogger cohort will be welcomed into the community.
  • Closing remarks: GLOBE Program Manager, NASA Headquarters, Dr. Allison Leidner will share closing remarks.

For more information, including information on how to participate in the challenge, click here. (Be sure to keep checking back; as Earth Day approaches, this page will be updated with additional details!)



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There are two different times listed on this page for the virtual event. Not sure which is correct for USA Pacific Time. Thank you