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28 February: Phase III ENSO Campaign SODA Webinar #3: “SODA, Live from New Jersey, USA”

GLOBE students working in the soil!

The next Phase III GLOBE ENSO (El Niño Southern Oscillation) Student Research Campaign SODA (Short Observation and Data Analysis) webinar will be held on 28 February at 4:00 p.m. EST (9:00 p.m. UTC): “SODA, Live from New Jersey, USA.”

During this webinar, participants will hear from GLOBE students at Medford Memorial Middle School in Medford, New Jersey, USA. The students will discuss their GLOBE protocol data collection, data analysis, and research to explore the guiding question: “How do wind speed and wind direction affect the chemistry of rainwater?”

To join this webinar, click here! (Learn how you might be able to collaborate with GLOBE teacher Vicky Gorman and her students!)

How SODA webinars work:

  • Introduction of featured teacher, students, and school  
  • Presentation by featured teacher and/or students  
  • Chosen Phase III Guiding Investigative Question(s)
  • How the question was explored (dates of data collection)
  • Ideas for potential collaboration
  • Collaboration and discussion time  

To learn more about Phase III of the ENSO Student Research Campaign, click here! To receive emails and to sign up for the webinars, click here! Then you will be on your way to connecting with NASA, scientists, and teachers around the world! 

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