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December: GLOBE Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE)-Surface Temperature Intensive Observation Period

GLOBE community member participating in the IOP

The next December Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE)-Surface Temperature Intensive Observation Period (IOP) will take place throughout the month of December.  

The UHIE-Surface Temperature IOP takes place in October, December, and March. IOPs involve GLOBE students, scientists, educators, and researchers collecting and entering targeted data into the GLOBE database during specific periods of time.

The December IOP will focus on looking at the impact urbanization has on the Earth’s surface temperature, and will help students take surface temperature, air temperature, and cloud observation, and engage in research projects. As always, it is vital to have GLOBE schools participate in this IOP – and engage in the hands-on scientific exploration of the impacts UHIE can have on the environment.

For more information, including how to get started collecting and sharing data, click here.


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