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Beta Testers Still Needed!

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The formal beta test period for the website upgrade concluded on Tuesday, 3 November 2020. However, beta testers are still needed to test out the website upgrade features.

To do this, members can log in to the beta testing site: and sign in with their usual login and password (as long as this has not been changed in the last month).

Once logged in, users will be able to interact with and test out the upgraded features. (For a step-by-step tutorial on how to navigate the upgraded features on the website, please view this short 60-second video, or head on over to our Website Upgrade One-Stop-Shop Page for additional information and support.)

“This pre-production release and beta testing site does contain some known issues that are being worked in advance of the release.  However, we wanted to give folks a chance to take a look and offer us feedback at this stage,” said David Overoye (GLOBE Data Information Systems (DIS)).  To offer that feedback, users can enter their comments to this form: 

And for our volunteer beta testers --

The team is asking you to particularly note if there is anything that you are used to seeing and using that is missing or not functioning as expected.  

Please note too that the beta test version of the site was populated with content pulled from the website from about a month ago.  So if you have made changes to your school site, added observations, or data, or students, etc. in the last month, or so, you will not see those changes in the beta test version. 

Also, when testing the beta version of the site, please also note that any changes you make to your pages or sites here (on are not permanent, and will disappear once the website upgrade in complete. 

There are some known issues that are still being worked including support for the creating a new account and new teams, and the workshop administration tool.  The teacher's guide will not be populated until we go live.

Looking ahead --

The website’s upgrade transition period is planned for 12 November through 16 November.  During this period, sign in to the site will be turned off, and as such, users will not be able to add data.  For the GLOBE Observer app, users will not be able to submit data within the app. However, users will still be able to make and store observations on the app to be uploaded to the site at a later time (after the upgrade is complete).

If you have any additional questions or comments concerning the upgrade you can email us at:  

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