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Can You Engineer a Low-cost Tool for Measuring Wind Speed? The GLOBE/AREN Project Wind Speed Challenge Runs through 31 May!

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The GLOBE/AREN (AEROKATS and ROVER Education Network) Wind Speed Challenge began 01 April. The goal of the challenge is to engineer a low-cost electronic or non-electronic anemometer (a tool for measuring the speed of wind). Projects must be submitted by 31 May.

One successfully engineered product will be selected as the “Grand Award Winner.” In addition, 10 successfully engineered international products will be randomly selected to receive an AREN Kite Package. (Full challenge rules can be found on the AREN website, see below.)

The GLOBE Program supports the AREN Project, which utilizes kites to collect data. The GLOBE Program does not have a protocol for determining wind speed. This challenge provides the opportunity for the GLOBE community to engineer a low-cost (less than $30) method of determining wind speed that could be used throughout the world. 

For more information on the Wind Speed Challenge, click here

For more information on the AREN Project, click here.

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