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Celebrate Citizen Science Day 2018 with Us

Citizen scientist taking pictures of the sky out doors.

The Citizen Science Association, Sci Starter, and the Citizen Science Day Working Group are excited to present Citizen Science Day on Saturday, 14 April 2018. This year marks the third annual Citizen Science Day celebration.

"Citizen Science Day celebrates the work of citizen scientists and the diversity of citizen science projects across the world, encourages the public to get involved, and connects people to the power of citizen science." -- The Citizen Science Association 

A picture of a woman smiling in a tent.The GLOBE Program and NASA GLOBE Observer are pleased to participate in this celebration.  Because after all citizen science is what The GLOBE Program is all about. This week on the NASA GLOBE Observer social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) you can learn more about seven other citizen science projects that you can do with NASA through a series of "sharables' and video content.  By interacting with this content on social media you will be able to "meet" real citizen scientists and be inspired by their words and experiences.

In addition to GLOBE Observer, we will be featuring:

Follow the hashtag #CitSciDay2018 as well to access even more citizen science content for this year's celebration.

A picture of a woman.Plus, check out the NASA Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook Stories throughout the day on Thursday, 12 April, for some special content highlighting the eight projects listed above. (Just follow the NASA accounts to have access to this special, 24-hour long content.)

And don't forget there are still a few more days left to participate in our current Cloud Challenge -- concludes 15 April.  So get those observations in by submitting your pictures of clouds through the app. Need more instructions? Click here.


Even More Citizen Science Opportunities:








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