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GLOBE Community: Is Your School on the GLOBE Science Honor Roll? Recognition Made Easy!

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Tip of the Week: Data collection and entry into the GLOBE science database is critically important for both students and scientists conducting scientific investigations. The GLOBE Science Honor Roll recognizes the data contributions of GLOBE students and schools. Has your school been on the Science Honor Roll? Is it time for your school to be on the Science Honor Roll?

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Honor rolls are calculated 4 times per year for data covering 3 month periods from solstice to equinox and from equinox to solstice.

Required Site Definition

For all honor rolls except Schools Reporting Many Measurements, the sites for the measurements must have been located (latitude, longitude, elevation) and defined using the site definition pages.

Counting Measurements from Automated Equipment

For Schools Reporting Many Measurements, each value or picture reported counts as one measurement, except data reported using automated measurement systems. In these cases, data for a day will count the same as the equivalent manual measurements. For example, the up to 96 atmospheric temperature measurements provided by automated data collection systems for a day can be used to determine the maximum, minimum, and current temperatures for that day. These three values are the ones reported from manual measurements of atmospheric temperature, so one day's automated air temperature data are counted as 3 measurements and not as 96 measurements. Similarly rain data for a day count as 1 measurement so the rain measurements provided by automated data collection systems for a day count as 1 measurement.

Honor Roll Levels

The Science Honor Rolls recognize three levels of effort. For measurements that are reported repeatedly – Atmosphere, Hydrology, Soil Moisture and Temperature – these levels generally correspond to collecting and reporting 70%, 80%, and 90% of the possible data. For other measurements that are not collected on a regular schedule, the level III honor rolls require roughly twice the effort of the Level I honor rolls.

To learn more about the Science Honor Roll, as well as specific Honor Roll requirements, click here.

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