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June 2014 GLOBE News Brief

Image of the Week


A mosaic image of Earth from Space.

On Earth Day this year, NASA asked people all around the world to answer the simple question "Where are you on Earth Right Now?" with a selfie. The Earth Day Global Selfie page received thousands of images from all over the world. Each picture was then used as a pixel in the creation of a "Global Selfie" - a mosaic image of Earth from Space.

On 22 May, NASA released the finished product. The image was built using 36,422 individual photos. Click on the image above or go to where you can zoom in to view the individual portraits that have formed this remarkable image. Thanks to all GLOBE community members who participated.   



GLOBE Learning Expedition (GLE) and 18th Annual Partner Meeting

The countdown has begun for the GLE in New Delhi, just 8 short weeks away. Click here to register. You can now reserve your hotel room during the registration process. If you have any questions about registration or about the GLE in general please contact Katy Lackey or Dawn Wright of the GLOBE Program Office.

GLE and 18th Annual Partner Meeting

GLOBE Working Group

To all who sent in nominations for the GLOBE Working Groups in

  • Science
  • Education
  • Evaluation
  • Technology
  • Communication

GLOBE Working Groups

Thank you for offering to help shape the future of The GLOBE Program. Those selected for the Working Groups will be notified no later than 23 June.


SMAP Block Pattern Soil Moisture Protocol

Artists concept of SMAP

On 27 May, Brian Campbell of the NASA SMAP Mission beta-tested the new SMAP Block Pattern Soil Moisture Protocol. This beta testing took place at the Delmar Middle School in Delmar, Delaware, USA, where one hundred and ninety-six students participated. The soil moisture measurements were taken throughout the day, according to classroom rotation, by thirty groups of students.  Each group came up with an identifying team name, such as "Soil Diggers", "Alpha Dirt", and "Smelly Worms." This beta testing was a huge success with some great resulting data.

Celebrations in the Month of June


Opt in Logo

Updates have been made to the Opt-In page, the online location for choosing to receive the GLOBE News Brief and other non-administrative email from the GLOBE Program Office. Individuals signing up for GLOBE email now have the option of identifying their group affiliations. Please encourage teachers in your partnership to opt-in if they have not done so.


Ocean Exploration with Fabian Cousteau

Introduce your students to the wonders of the deep ocean by following Fabian Cousteau, the grandson of the world famous Jacques Cousteau, and his science team Mission 31, thanks to the newest GLOBE Partner, St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD) in Colorado, USA. Read more here.

Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight Image

Mrs. Wafa Mubarak Bin Dayna has been dedicated to the advancement of The GLOBE Program in Bahrain for more than a decade. She points to a number of GLOBE projects and activities that illustrate the growth of GLOBE in her country and in her own personal development as an educator. Read more >>


Congratulations to the eleven GLOBE countries celebrating anniversaries of successful GLOBE implementation during the month of June:

Kyrgyz Republic - 19 years
09 June 1995

Ireland - 19 years
12 June 1995

Argentina - 19 years
28 June 1995

Estonia - 18 years
19 June 1996

Kenya - 17 years
09 June 1997

Madagascar - 17 years
11 June 1997

Dominican Republic - 17 years
20 June 1997

United Arab Emirates - 15 years
06 June 1999

Monaco - 14 years
29 June 2000

Bahrain - 13 years
16 June 2001

Republic of Congo - 9 years
28 June 2005

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