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Middle and High School Teachers: New “Sun” Teaching Box Available

Graphic from SciEd's Sun Teaching Box

A new University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) Center for Science Education (SciEd) “Sun” Teaching Box (for middle and high school students) is now available!

UCAR teaching boxes are collections of classroom-ready and standards-aligned activities, content, and multimedia that build student understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math. All materials are freely available online.

The Sun gives off electromagnetic energy in many wavelengths, including visible light, radio waves, ultraviolet light, and more. By examining the Sun in a different “light,” students can better understand its features. With the new Sun Teaching Box, middle and high school students learn to identify aspects of the Sun using images taken from different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Many of the solar features that students will explore play a crucial role in the eruption of space weather storms.

To check out this new Teaching Box, click here.

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