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October 2014 GLOBE News Brief

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2015 Calendar Art Competition


Calling all GLOBE student artists! The 2015 Calendar Art Competition is currently underway. GLOBE students are encouraged to explore how GLOBE connects to Earth Observing Satellites , and provides students with unique opportunities to become a significant part of these missions. Entries are coming in now. Read more about the competition and how students can submit original art that demonstrates the benefits of Earth observing satellite missions, including SMAP, GPM, CloudSat, CALIPSO and Landsat 8, to their school or community, here.
Deadline for submissions is 17 October.



GLOBE Student Art at the NCAR Mesa Lab

NCAR Mesa Lab

GLOBE student art from the 2014 Calendar Art Competition is currently on display at the NCAR Mesa Lab of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). More than 90,000 people visit the renowned atmospheric research facilities of the Mesa Lab each year. This is an outstanding opportunity to showcase the work of GLOBE students, and has become an annual event. The exhibition will be on display from October through December 2014.

Technology Updates

New Video Tutorials 

Need help setting up your GLOBE account or data site, entering measurement data, retrieving and visualizing your data, or creating new student accounts? GLOBE's NEW online web tutorials are getting some traction!

Click here or on the image below to access the videos.

GLOBE's NEW online web tutorials

Website Enhancements  

The GLOBE website is constantly improving based on your needs and feedback. In the last few weeks, the Program has added many important additions and upgrades. Click here to learn about them.

Earth Science Week 2014

Earth Science Week is 12-18 October

Earth Science Week is 12-18 October.  
Coming right up is an concentrated week of activities to help you gain a better understanding of, and appreciation for, the Earth Sciences. Find a fantastic array of opportunities for students, teachers and the general public on the Earth Science Week 2014 website

GLE Student Presentations

Students from the GLOBE Learning Exhibition in New Delhi, India

The GLOBE Implementation is in the process of posting all speaker presentations and student reports that took place at the GLOBE Learning Exhibition in New Delhi, India. If your students have not shared their reports, please ask them to do so here.

A Video Game Worth Playing

Screen shots from new NASA game OFFSET

Check out NASA's latest educational game, OFFSET. Players learn how the carbon cycle works, about the various sources of carbon, and ways that alternative energy and reforestation can help offset those sources. Developed by  NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the game is freely downloadable from iTunes. Learn more here.

The News Brief is Now a Monthly

Until recently, you have been receiving two newsletters per month. Going forward, your mid-month communication will come in the form of a "Letter from the Director," bringing news from Dr. Tony Murphy himself, at the GLOBE Implementation Office. We're hoping you'll enjoy this more personal and informal style of news delivery. Make sure you are signed up for letters from Tony, by opting-in.

Dr. Tony Murphy


Community Spotlight

Lyn Wigbels

The GLOBE Implementation Office is pleased to announce the appointment of Lyn Wigbels as GLOBE International Coordinator. A lifelong friend and supporter of GLOBE, Ms. Wigbels has been active in GLOBE governance since its inception in 1994 when she served in a variety of management roles including Deputy Director and Director of International Programs.

Read more >


Congratulations to the eleven GLOBE countries celebrating anniversaries of successful GLOBE implementation during the month of October:

Luxembourg - 18 years
10 October 1996

Marshall Islands - 18 years
17 October 1996

Portugal - 18 years
23 October 1996

Jordan - 18 years
31 October 1996

Namibia - 17 years
08 October 1997

Colombia - 15 years
28 October 1998

Bangladesh - 14 years
04 October 2000

Paraguay - 14 years
27 October 2000

Lithuania - 12 years
03 October 2002

Serbia and Montenegro
12 Years
17 October 2002

France - 10 years
04 October 2004

Partner News

The U.S. Partner Forum will meet in Washington D.C. from 13-14 October. This is the first meeting of the newly formed U.S. Partner Forum whose purpose is to find ways to enhance the contributions of GLOBE to the improvement of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in the United States. Read more >

Sponsor News

NASA logo

We hear a lot about climate right now, and often it can be hard to filter out the facts about our changing climate. Fortunately NASA has many resources to help unravel this complex issue. Read more here.

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