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Read the Latest Community Blog “Did You Dump Out the Water? When to Answer “No” to Eliminating a Mosquito Breeding Site When Using the GO Mosquito Habitat Mapper”

Photo, by Rusty Low, showing community members seeking mosquitoes in a lake

In a recent GLOBE Community Blog, Dr. Russanne (Rusty) Low, GLOBE Mission Mosquito Science Lead, answers questions submitted by community members using the GLOBE Observer (GO) Mosquito Habitat Mapper tool regarding what to do when mosquitoes are found in a natural habitat, such as an estuary or wetland.

“When you use the Mosquito Habitat Mapper and your mosquito observations are finally logged,” Dr. Low states in the blog, “you are then prompted to do Step 4, ‘Eliminating Mosquito Breeding Habitat. By dumping or treating water you can significantly decrease the spread of mosquitoes’.”

“It’s important to clarify that Step 4 is referring to artificial or natural containers and human created water impoundments. Examples of water impoundments include things such as stock and cattle watering holes (an important source of mosquitoes in areas in the U.S. west), irrigation ditches (a primary source of the mosquitoes that transmit West Nile virus in Colorado, USA), and artificial ponds and water sources that are landscaping features on public and private lands.  These sites collect water for an established purpose and we aren’t suggesting that you remediate these sites. When you are recording these mosquito habitat sites, the right answer is to just say “no,” she states.

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