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Tech Update April 2019

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Our technology team has been continuing work on giving members the ability to create and manage special groups with which they can associate their data.  These groups are called "GLOBE Teams." 

More about GLOBE Teams:

A GLOBE Team is a group of citizen scientists working together as an organization. Teams can be used to set up a competition, coordinate a community’s citizen science efforts, support an educational or corporate initiative, or simply enable a group of people to work together.

A team might be open to anyone or restricted to those who are invited to join through a referral code. The private teams are often based in a community, such as an after school program, library or museum club, or corporate team.

Open teams will be visible to all users, if they choose to join a team. Users will be able to enter a provided referral code to join a private team.

Anyone can set up a GLOBE team. Users may make their team open or private. If they create a private team, GLOBE will provide them with a referral code they can use to invite people to join their team. Once set up, users will be able to see how many people are on their team and how many observations the team has made for each GLOBE Observer protocol.

In addition to the work on GLOBE Teams, the following enhancements were made, or were in progress, during the month of April 2019.

The Website:

  • A new biometry layer was added to Vis/ADAT. Users can now visualize tree heights. 

Looking Forward:

  • Due to a delay, the production version of the API Out will be available for users at the end of April, or the beginning of May 2019.
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