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Tech Update July 2019

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In June and July 2019 our technology team completed development and launched the following.

  • The API Out Application 

The API Out Applications is now available for use.  The URL to access it is:  

The GLOBE API has been built to support developers who would like to retrieve GLOBE data from a programmatic interface.  The API provides fast access to GLOBE data through a variety of API calls including the ability to find data by protocol, date, latitude/longitude, country and more.  Each API call is associated with a unique URL and combination of variables.  

  • Latin America Eclipse 

Users were able to use the GLOBE Observer app's special eclipse tool to take air temperature and cloud observations during the total eclipse on 02 July 2019 in South America. Similar to when the last total eclipse occurred in the United States in 2017, the technology team worked to add this feature to the app and customized it for the South American audience.

  • New Instructions

Added instructions on how to add layers from the GLOBE visualization system to the ArcGIS application are now available on the GLOBE website. This instruction document is available in the tutorials section at:

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