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Tech Update March 2018

Keyboard with red 'Update' key.

The GLOBE Program's website had two new updates during the month of March 2018.

Members now have the opportunity to write and send a personal note when making a friend request of another GLOBE member on the site.  In addition, “Events” can now be filtered for both “Past” and “Upcoming” events.  

Looking forward:

Our technology team is working on a new Vis Time animation.  With it, users will be able to view measurements over time with a new timeline interface. This can then be downloaded as an animation file.  

Plus, look for the new Carbon Cycle Protocol. Upon completion, students and teachers will be able to enter measurement data for three different types of vegetation (tree, shrub and herbaceous).  The system will also be able to calculate the total amount of carbon that is sequestered in the plant-life.


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