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Adachi 9th JHS 3rd grade elective subject Science icon
Aeon Hiedu Cheers Club icon
Aioi Elementary School icon
Akeno Junior Eco Club icon
Aoi Junior High icon
Ashimori Junior High School icon
Attached Fukuyama Junior High School, Hiroshima University icon
Attached Junior High School, Gifu University icon
Attached Junior High School, Gifu University (JPJPV9X9) icon
Attached Junior High School, Nara Women's University icon
Attached Junior High School, Ochanomizu Women's University icon
Attached Junior High School, Okayama University icon
Attached Junior High School, Shiga University icon
Attached Oizumi Junior High School, Tokyo Gakugei University icon
Azumino Shizen Ninja icon
Bunkyo Gakuin University Girls' Junior High School icon
Bunkyo-ku 5th Junior High School icon
Center of Pubric Health and Enviornmental Science icon
Chiba Junior Eco Club icon
Chiyo Junior High School icon
Dai-ni Junior High School icon
Discover Nature icon
Ecoclub-komiyama icon
Ecoclub-komiyama (JPJP694K) icon
Ecopolis Center Junior Eco Club icon
Ehime Prefecture Experience-Based Learning Center for Ecology icon
Enviornmental Education and Intelligence Center icon
Etajima city Kirikushi Elementary School icon
Excellent High School icon
Fuji Junior High School icon
Fujigoko Junior Eco Club icon
Fujiki Elementary School icon
Fukaya Junior High School icon
Fukui University Junior High School icon
Fukuoka Junior Eco Club icon
Funai high school icon
Fusokita Junior High School icon
Futatui Elementary School icon
GOSHOURA Junior High School icon
Gunma Prefectural Institute of Pubric Health and Enviornmental icon
Gyoutoku Junior Eco Club icon
Hachiman Technical High School icon
Hachimori Earth Ranger icon
Hada Junior High School icon
Hamura-Kodomo-Ecoclub-Guruguru icon
Hanno Dai-ichi Junior High School icon
Harutomi Junior High School icon
Hayamiya Elementary School, Nerima-ku icon
Higashihirose Elementary School icon
Higashinagara Junior High School icon
Himi High School icon
Hirakawa Junior High School icon
Hirano Junior High School icon
Hiroshima Prefectural Sera Senior High School icon
Hiroshima International School icon
Hirosima Munisipal Misuzugaoka High School icon
Hokkaido Environment Support Center icon
Hokkaido Kamikawa Senior Highschool icon
Hokkaido Rankoshi High School icon
Hokkaido Sapporo Kaisei Highschool icon
Hokkaido Shibetsu Highschool icon
Hokkaido Sunagawa High School icon
Hokkaido Toya High School icon
Hokkaido shibecha high school icon
Hokuryo Junior High School icon
Ikeda Primary School icon
Isiwara Elementary School icon
Isso Junior High School icon
It`s now or never icon
Iwamisannai Junior High School icon
Iwate Prefectural Tono Senior High School icon
Izumi Junior High School icon
Izumi Junior High School (JPJPGV8E) icon
Japan Citizen Science icon
Japan GLOBE v-School icon
Jiyunomori gakuen icon
Junior Eco-Club Kounan-tankentai icon
Junior High School Attached to the Faculty of Education, Kumamot icon
Junior High School at Otsuka, Univ. of Tsukuba icon
Juo junior highschool icon
Kadena High School icon
Kagoshima Fishery High School icon
Kagoshima Junior Eco Club icon
Kaishou high school icon
Kaitahigashi elemenntaryschool icon
Kamikawa junior highscool icon
Kamo Junior High School icon
Kanaashi Agricultural Senior High Scool icon
Kanagawa Prefectural Ikuta High School icon
Kanagawa Prefectural Kanagawa Sohgoh Sangyo Senior High School icon
Kanagawa Prefectural Tsurumi High School icon
Kanagawa Prefectural Zama Senior High School icon
Kanazawa Fushimi High School icon
Kanazawa University Junior High School icon
Kankyo-Bokentai Maebashi-city-Jidoubunka-center icon
Kashiwarahigashi Senior High School of Osaka Prefecture icon
Kasuga Junior Eco Club icon
Kasugai Chubu Junior Eco Club icon
Kasumi High School icon
Katsushika Kurita Mizumoto Junior High School icon
Kazahayahokubu Elementary School icon
Kedouin Junior High icon
Keio Futsubu School icon
Kids Eco Club[Yammakaji] icon
Kisenbaru Junior High School icon
Kita Junior High School icon
Kitakamakurajosigakuen icon
Kiyokawa Junior High School icon
Kizu Town Recycring Education Station icon
Kobe University Secondary School icon
Kokubunjisiritsu-dai-5 Junior-High School icon
Komatsu Technical High School icon
Koryu Junior High School icon
Koufu Junior Eco Club icon
Koyase junior high school icon
Kozan Junior High School icon
Kunimi Junior High icon
Kurohama Junior High School icon
Kurokawa High School icon
Kusahira Elementary School icon
Kyoto Gakuen Junior & Senior High School icon
Kyoto Kaiyou High-school icon
Kyushu University icon
MIHO Institute of Aesthetics icon
Maebayashi Junior High School icon
Makino-Higashi Elementary School icon
Matsubushi Ⅱ Junior High School icon
Matubara daisan Junior High icon
Midorioka Senior High School icon
Mie Prefectural Environmental Education And Information Center icon
Mihara Municipal Daisan Junior High School icon
Minami Junior High School icon
Minamidaito Junior High School icon
Minamikatabira Elementary School icon
Minamiyawata erementary school icon
Minato Senior High School of Osaka Prefecture icon
Minatomachi primary school Kure city icon
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan icon
Misono Elementary School icon
Mitaka Elementary School icon
Miyagi Junior High School icon
Miyatanishi Junior High School icon
Miyazaki city hall Environment Dept. Environment Protection Div. icon
Morioka Chuo High School icon
Mugihigashi Elementary School icon
Murayama Agricultural Highschool icon
Musashino Junior High School icon
Nagano Junior Eco Club icon
Nagano Research Institute For Health And Pollution icon
Nagasaki Junior Eco Club icon
Nagasaki University Junior High School icon
Nagasako Elementary school icon
Nagata elementary school icon
Nagatadai Elementary school icon
Nakacho icon
Namegawa High School icon
Nanzan Girls' Junior High School icon
Nanzan Girls' Senior High School icon
Nasu Niji-no-Gakuen icon
Nihongakuen High School icon
Nikochans icon
Ninomiya Elementary School icon
Nishimeya Junior High School icon
Nita Junior High School icon
Nogatahigashi elementary school icon
Nosaka Junior High icon
Noshiro Dai-2 Jr. High School icon
Notogawaminami elementary school icon
Numabukuro elemenntary school icon
OGAWA Senior High School icon
Ochiai junior High School icon
Ohya jr-hi-school icon
Oita Junior Eco Club icon
Oita Municipal Saganoseki elementary school icon
Ojiichan Mo Isshoni icon
Okawa Junior High School icon
Okayama Prefectural Yuge High School icon
Okayama Ryukoku High School icon
Okinawa Prefectural Kyuyo High School icon
Omose Elementary School icon
Osaka Prefectural Hirano High school icon
Osaka Prefectural KATANO High School icon
Osaka Prefectural Nagao High school icon
Osashima Primary school icon
Oshino Junior High icon
PEACE Schools Network icon
Planet Junior Eco Club icon
Prefectural Ayabe HighSchool ,East Branch icon
Public Hikijidai Junior High School icon
Quartet Eco Club for Kid icon
Quartet Eco Club for Kids icon
Ryunan Junior High School icon
Saga Jounan Junior High School icon
Saitama Prefectual Urawa High School icon
Saitamasakae Junior High School icon
Sakaehigashi junior high school icon
Saku-chosei Junior High School icon
Sapporo Sacred Heart School - Japan icon
Secondary School attached to the Fuculty of Education of the University of Tokyo icon
Seisen High School icon
Sejiri Elementary School icon
Sejiri Elementary School (JPJP8K6T) icon
Senior High School attached to Aichi University of Education icon
Shikigaoka Junior High icon
Shimogamo Junior High icon
Shimogyoshosei Elementary School icon
Sollars ES icon
Souya Junior High icon
Sowa high school icon
Sudama Junior Eco Club icon
Sumida-ku tatekawa junior high school icon
Suo-oshima highschool icon
Syuzan Junior High School icon
TONOKO Elementary School icon
TONOKO Elementary School (JPJPSNX5) icon
Tabuse Agricultural High School icon
Takano Junior High School icon
Takanosu Junior High School icon
Takata High school icon
Tara Elementary School icon
Tataragakuen high school icon
Tataragakuen high school (JPJP9PKY) icon
Teikyo Junior & Senior High School icon
Teikyo Junior & Senior High School (JPJPFBYM) icon
Teikyo Junior High School icon
Tenno-minami Junior High School icon
Tennoji High School attached to Osaka kyoiku University icon
Tennoji Junior High School icon
Tochigi daiyon elementary school icon
Tokyo Gakugei University icon
Tokyo Gakugei University Senior High School icon
Tonosho Junior High School icon
Toyoma Junior High School icon
Tsubaki Junior High School icon
Tsuyama-nishi Junior High School icon
University of Tsukuba Senior High School icon
Utashinai Junior High School icon
Utsumi elementary school icon
Utsunomiya technical high school icon
Uwajima Fisheries High School icon
Wadomari Elementary school icon
Wako Daisan Junior High School icon
Washizu Junior High School icon
World Explorer Junior Eco Club icon
Yamaguchi university educational faculty attached Hikari junior high school icon
Yamamiya Chuo Junior Eco Club icon
Yamanashi Prefectural Government icon
Yanagigakuen Junior High School icon
Yasato Junior high school icon
Yokkaichi Technical High School icon
Yokobori Elementary School icon
Yokosuka Middle School icon
Yomei High School icon
miyoshi high school icon

Teachers: Make a Video for GLOBE Earth Day!
The GLOBE Implementation Office will celebrate Earth Day 2017 on Friday 21 April with a special Google Hangout that will feature one video from each GLOBE region. Enter your video to be the one from your region!  >>

Registration for the 21st GLOBE Annual Meeting is Now Open
We hope you will join us for our largest GLOBE gathering of the year in New Haven, Connecticut. Mark your calendars now for 30 July - 4 August 2017!  >>

National Marine Sanctuary Foundation Accepting Pre-proposals for Hollings Grants Program
The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation (NMSF) is accepting pre-proposals for its 2015 Hollings Grants program. Pre-proposals are due 22 October 2015.  >>

NASA SMAP Campaign for GLOBE Students Begins Today
In support of the Soild Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite mission, NASA has initiated a 7-month-long soil moisture measurement campaign, from 1 October 2015 through 30 April 2016, and invites GLOBE schools to participate.  >>

Website Alert – GLOBE Website will be "Read Only" 3–5 October
Plan accordingly as you will not be able to log in to the GLOBE website during this time frame.  >>


Workshop: St. Michael Collier Center, California, United States
Participants will learn to Define Observation Site Ide...  >>

GLOBE Hosts New Data Entry Challenge 11-17 October
GLOBE is hosting a new data entry challenge from 11-17 October 2015!  >>

Soil Moisture Measurement Campaign
To support the SMAP satellite mission, NASA has initiated a 7-month-long Soil Moisture Measurement Campaign and invites GLOBE schools to participate. The SMAP Campaign begins 1 October 2015 and will be ongoing through 30 April 2016.  >>

2015 Kilimanjaro Learning Xpedition
Since 2009, an international team of GLOBE scientists, teachers and students have been trekking to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to evaluate the evolving ecosystem of the largest freestanding mountain in the world.  >>

19th Annual GLOBE Partner Meeting
The 19th GLOBE Annual Partner Meeting will be held in Los Angeles, California, USA. Reserve the dates: 20-24 July 2015.  >>

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  • 14 Pre-Service Teachers
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  • 257 Schools
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  • 88 Honor Rolls
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