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GLOBE Science Honor Roll

A new and improved Honor Roll system is being re-introduced to the GLOBE website. The original recognition system was termed the GLOBE Chief Scientist's Honor Roll. The GLOBE Science Honor Roll is a way for GLOBE to recognize the data contributions of GLOBE students and schools.  The more data entries made, the higher the Honor Roll level achieved. There will be three Honor Roll levels: Level I – Bronze, Level II – Silver, Level III – Gold.

On the Organization Page:

•    Displays the total number of Honor Rolls awarded to the organization
•    Numbers are rolled up from sub-organizations (schools)
•    Link provided to view Honor Roll details (total awards won per school under the organization)

On the Honor Roll Recognition Page – Filter by: Country, Territory, Partner, School, Honor Roll Level, Period End and Honor Roll (investigation area).


Workshop Application

In response to feedback from the GLOBE community, a number of enhancements have been added to the workshop application. These include:

        New Workshop Admin Features:

  • Added an check box to auto-assign the workshop creator as the workshop trainer.
  • Added a check box to auto-populate the workshop coordinator contact fields.
  • Added the ability to copy the workshop information to another workshop.
  • Improved email formatting capabilities when sending out emails to the workshop registrants.
  • Modify the workshop workflow auto-set the user's GLOBE start date to the date and time the user completes their training.
  • Added the ability for the workshop creator allow to send a friendly URL (simplified URL) to the registrants.
  • Added an export roster functionality.
  • Added additional workshop information to the confirmation emails send to workshop registrants including the GLOBE logo.
  • Created the ability for workshop creators to designate trainers as ‘preferred' to create a ‘favorite' trainer list.
  • Added an address field on the workshop creation form to place workshops on a new front-end map interface.
  • Added a new field on the workshop creation form to allow workshops to be identified by targeted grade level: Primary K-2, Primary 3-4, Intermediate, Secondary.
  • Fixed issue with a user's training records not being in sync with workshop records if the workshop protocols are modified.

New Workshop Front-end Features:

  • Added a map interface to select a workshop.
  • Added advanced search capability. The search function now appears on the same page as the workshop list. Users can now filter workshops by filtering by more than one protocol, grade level, city, state and/or audience.
  • Added address and audience fields to the workshop list table on the public page.
  • Users now have the ability to un-register for a workshop.

News and Events Clean Up

We're looking at cleaning up the filtering of News and Event stories. Changes being implemented:

  - Since stories can be filtered by organization and year, there's no reason to have categories that are location and year based. So countries, regions and years will be removed from the categories list.

  - Currently, the system is adding whatever organizations are selected in the ‘distribute to' list to the category list. This is not the intended functionality and has been fixed.

  - New categories are being added based on the icons being used for news and events so users can filter by those categories. These categories include:

  • Competition
  • Calendar
  • IOPs
  • Meetings
  • Regions
  • SCRC
  • Training
  • Videos
  • Web
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