Initial Thoughts -- My First Blog for L2R

In one week I will be settling in at the University of Colorado campus in Boulder. News stories and headlines in recent days have been rife with images of the current wildfires so honestly my thoughts about participating in the L2R event have largely centered on the impact of the fires on the Colorado citizens who are coping with this enormous crisis. My prayers go out to them as they work to contain the destruction.

What I would like to get from the conference has several facets. First, I fully believe that as a teacher it is an important exercise to continue to be a student, so I'm looking forward to the challenges of being a learner in a novel setting. I've never studied science in a mountain region so I'm looking forward to immersing myself in the ecology of that biome.

Second, I'm interested in hearing comprehensive scientific perspectives on climate science. This is a hotly-debated topic so I'm eager to learn more.

Third, I relish the opportunity to connect with educators from across the country. I find myself re-energized from time spent with teachers who are going the extra mile (literally) to bring cutting-edge, engaging learning opportunities to their students.

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