L2R TakeAways

I'll be heading out from Boulder on Friday with so many more tools in my teaching toolbox!

-- Myriad resources for teaching my students about weather, climate, and how to help them clearly understand the difference.

-- So many insights into the climate change debate and how best to approach this often volatile subject in a way that focuses on data for science literacy, not emotion and misinformation.

-- A GLOBE recharge! It's been a number of years since my last GLOBE training and this opportunity to revisit the phenology and atmosphere protocols - and know that the updated tools will be arriving for student use first off in the new school year - has me happily plotting and planning for an exciting, engaging year ahead!

-- A sense of community; knowing there is a cadre of like-minded, hard-working teaching professionals in classrooms across the country and in the GLOBE offices all working together on the same mission is very encouraging!

All the best to each of you---safe travels, and I look forward to our virtual connections in the months to come!

PS...BIG thanks to Julie and the team for a fantastic institute, and under very trying circumstances!

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I'm so glad you brought up the sense of community! I hope that you all can support each other to keep up all the great work you do teaching science and math and using GLOBE in your classroom. Glad to hear this has been a recharge for you! Please always let us know what we can do to keep that energy going strong. emoticon