October Urban Heat Island Field Campaign Review

The Urban Heat Island field campaign October version turned out to be a great success. Many schools took observations and entered them onto the GLOBE website. Remember, we are looking at the urban heat island in the seasons, October, December and March. Forty-three schools entered data in the month of October. If you haven't entered your data yet, please do soon. You can see on the map below that there were observations taken across the world. The size of the dot represents the total number of observations taken at  the site. There has been great participation from Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Croatia and the United States. It is great to see observations from Brazil for the first time. There are several schools that took more than 20 observations. That is great. work. I put some graphs below that were made by Rebekka Apardian, a student at the University of Toledo working with me in the Department of Geography and Planning. You can see that grass is cooler than asphalt most of the time for Lake High School. For Shumate Middle School in Michigan, the pond is cooler than the sidewalk. You can see that the temperature of both has been decreasing over time this fall. Lastly, at Huntington High School, the albedo of concrete is making it more reflective leading to cooler temperatures.

School            Number of Observations

Al Fisaliah Gifted School at Jeddah            29 observations

Al-Fath Secondary School at Abha            1 observation

Ali bin Abi Talib Secondary School at Jeddah            6 observations

Arlington Elementary            1 observation

As-Siddiq Secondary School at Rejal Alma’s            31 observations

Bowling Green State University (USOHP793)            7 observations

Chartiers-Houston Jr./Sr. High School            20 observations

Chia-Yi Girls senior high school            31 observations

Clay High School            5 observations

Crestwood High School            14 observations

Dove Science Academy            16 observations

Freeport High School              10 observations

Escola Municipal Ceará            2 observations

Houjia Junior High School            26  observations

Huntington High School (USWVBCAM)            36 observations across 6 sites

IES Eusebio Barreto            30 observations

Isham Elementary            1 observation

Ket'acik And Aapalluk Memorial School            3 observations

Lake High School (GLIDMRO6)            26 observations across 6 sites

Larchmont Elementary            1  observation

Licking Heights West            4 observations across 2 sites

Main Street Intermediate School            2 observations across 2 sites

Mountain View School (GLIDPXRW)            7 observations

National Lo-Tung Senior High School            23 observations

New Taipei Municipal Jin-Shan High School            5 observations

New York GLOBE v-School            10 observations across 2 sites

OŠ Ivana Filipovića, Osijek            17 observations

OS Ivana Kukuljevica            29 observations

OS Sime Budinica            5 observations

Oscar A. Carlson High School            6 observations across 2 sites

Osnovna skola grofa Janka Draskovica            14 observations

PEACE Schools Network            22 observations

Reynolds Elementary School            1 observation

Salah A-Din Elementary Bedouin School            1 observation

Shiqaiq Intermediate Girls School at Sabya            2 observations

Shumate Middle School            69  observations across 4 sites

Skola Za Medicinske Sestre Vrapce            15 observations

Spring Creek Elementary (GLIDJSIF)            2 observations

Srednja škola Braća Radić            11 observations

The University Of Toledo            24  observations across 3 sites

University of Toledo GLOBE v-School            5 observations across 5 sites

Waite High School            10 observations

Webster Avenue Elementary School (GLIDP86R)1 observation

Wyomissing Area Jr./Sr. High School            6 observations

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In December we will perform measurements on concrete and grass in Osijek (Croatia). Our school (OŠ Ivana Filipovića, Osijek) will measure on the grass, and we will cooperate with neighboring schools (OŠ Antuna Mihanovića, Osijek) to perform the measurements on concrete. We look forward to cooperation and results.
Thanks for all of your great data. I can see that your temperatures got below freezing recently. Is that common in December? I haven't seen data from the other school yet. If they need some assistance with entering data, please have them contact me.