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2021 Autumn European Phenology Campaign

Wondering how the trees turn color in autumn and prepare for a winter sleep? Do you want to continue observing your tree or are you just starting? Then don´t miss the Autumn Tree Observation (Phenology) Campaign.

During the campaign, you will receive 3 short activities to guide you through the Green Down observation. You will also have the opportunity to try additional activities related to carbon in leaves and Tree height measuring, cooperate with foreign partners and meet scientists and other campaign participants during webinars.

We will also ask you to share your results at the campaign discussion forum or by e-mail. Active schools will receive the GLOBE certificate.

To join the campaign, we kindly ask you to register by filling a short questionnaire by September 8th. In the same questionnaire, you can also register for the Autumn Collaboration Group.

For more information visit the Campaign website or contact campaign coordinator Lenka Kleger,


Autumn campaign highlights

Webinars became a vital part of the campaign. Autumn campaign webinars will bring details on the campaign schedule and activities, meeting with scientists and opportunity to share your experience and results.

Join the opening webinar to learn about campaign activities, resources and schedule: All You Need to Know about the Autumn Campaign, September 16 at 3 pm CET on ZOOM. Registration is available here.

Cooperation is a cornerstone of the campaign. The campaign brings together students, teachers and citizen scientists within countries and across borders, enabling them to collaborate and connect with scientists from Europe and NASA.

Carbon cycle activities help us understand links between the changing global carbon cycle and the seasonal changes of trees.

Measuring tree height is a great way to learn more about your tree and help scientists at the same time.

Event Topics: Campaigns and Projects (IOPs, etc)

Events origin: Europe and Eurasia