GLOBE teacher Antarctica-Bound

Greetings from Ushuaia, Argentina South America - the southernmost city on our amazing planet!  Hello, I’m Laura Schetter a GLOBE teacher, from Holland, Ohio, USA.  This city is the site we will embark on the Ocean Endeavor ship to reach Antarctica.  From the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, I will be collecting hydrosphere and atmospheric data for GLOBE.  Additionally, I will enter “water stories”  - accounts of interactions with water for the H2you Project ( 

This International Antarctic Expedition is with Robert Swan and his 2041 Foundation.  Swan is the first person in history to have walked to both the north and south poles.  As a result of his first-hand experiences at the poles, including observations of climate change effects, he has committed his life to ensuring that the International Antarctic Treaty is renewed in the year 2041.  This treaty bans mining, drilling and exploitation of the last pristine continent. 

I will be sharing my journey as I make and record observations of the Antarctic environment! Wifi is very intermittent from Antarctica, so all entries (including this one) will be posted on an approximately 2-week delay.  Please follow the journey from the land of penguins! 

My hair flying in the wind gives a hint of how windy it will be further south into Antarctica:  

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