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2019 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium

Drones are an Effective Way to Identify Mosquito Breeding Habitats

Drones are an accurate and efficient way to identify mosquito breeding grounds in Medford, NJ

No Correlation Between Precipitation Amounts (Rain Gauge) and Brightness Temperature (GOES-16 ABI)

Correlations Between Cloud Cover, Split Water Vapor, and Cloud Altitude in Medford, NJ

Calitoo Aerosol Data Show Some Correlation to Satellite Data from MODIS and LIDAR

Organization Information

Medford Memorial Middle School New Jersey
55 Mill Street
Medford New Jersey
United States

Phone: 609-654-7707
Email: N/A
Website: N/A

GLOBE Information

Year Joined: 2013
Latitude: 39.888501
Longitude: -74.825318
Elevation (meters): 13

School Information

Grade Levels: 
School Type: Public
Student Count:  111
Principal: Mr. Shawn Ryan