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About Us

our mission statement

Our mission is to improve education and involvement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by increasing participation of students and citizens in the GLOBE Program (

Our specific goals for GLOBE Mission EARTH include:

  • Develop vertically-integrated activities and materials to support GLOBE implementation;

  • Provide K-12 professional development (PD) and year-long as well as multi-year support for teachers with scaling through Train-the-Trainer models;

  • Enhance STEM Experience for Undergraduate Students;

  • Engage the public by supporting and enhancing GLOBE, MY NASA DATA and citizen science initiatives;

MIssion Earth Partners

GLOBE Mission EARTH (GME) partners are distributed across the United States, from Boston University (BU) on the east coast in Massachusetts, to University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley)/WestEd in California. Our NASA partner is NASA Langley in Hampton, Virginia.
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GME Reach Map

Our reach map showing parnter instititions, schools, students, and citizen scientists we work with around the country
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