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WestEd/UC Berkeley and New Mexico PED


WestEd and the University of California Berkeley (UCB) are working in partnership to support GLOBE Mission EARTH implementation in environmentally-focused high school "career academies", "Big Picture" and "Small Charter" schools.  The partnership supports GLOBE implementation as a strategy to promote learning and career development in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM).  Students collect and analyze environmental data and align their GLOBE field investigations to a NASA mission.  They also enter their data into GLOBE's international database to facilitate comparisons and make the data available to working scientists.  GLOBE Mission EARTH thereby serves as an important form of hands-on and work-based learning in career technical education and science classrooms that enhances understanding of science and engineering practices, while promoting student agency, global awareness, "21st century" skills, and college and career readiness.

The New Mexico Public Education Department, a GLOBE Partner, is working in tandem with WestEd/UC Berkeley to introduce and expand GLOBE schools in New Mexico.  

Some California GLOBE Mission EARTH schools are researching changes in the hydrosphere and relate their findings to NASA data on sea level changes and glacial melt. Other schools are researching atmospheric microclimate indicators to better understand the relationship between local and global climates.

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GLOBE Mission EARTH - West Students in Actions

GME-West has kicked off the 2021-2022 school year with a refresh of our GLOBE schools throughout the west. With all of the GME-West schools, the focus is data literacy and storytelling with data as a precursor to the creation of student research projects for local Student Research Symposia (SRS) and International Virtual Student Symposium (IVSS). This hands-on learning experience for our schools uses the scientific process to connect students with field research, GLOBE protocols, NASA resources and student interests.


Partner Reach Map - WestEd UC Berkeley

GME Reach Map for WestEd/University of California Berkeley