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GME-UT hosts SEES students studying the Urban Heat Island Effect in the Summer 2022

Dr. Yitong Jiang and Olawale Oluwafemi led nine students (eight from NASA SEES Intern program and one student from University of Toledo intern program) listed below to investigate urban heat island effect locally and globally by conducting research projects. 

Makeda Duey, Wilmington, DE, 

Jessica Guardiola, Forney, TX, 

Reza Javadi-Tabrizi, Houston, TX, 

Shrey Joshi, Plano, TX, 

Charvi Konduru, Richmond, VA, 

Daniel Long, Berkeley Heights, NJ, 

Kalkidan Samuel, Palmdale, CA, 

Zion Walker, Pickerington, OH, 

Akash Joseph (UT intern), Katy, TX. 

Students met twice a week for five weeks via zoom and upon request. The materials were housed in a Google Classroom and Google website designed specifically for the Urban Heat Island Effect. Student created research projects and presented their findings to the GME and SEES groups. All of the students registered for AGU Bright STaRs.

Here is a list of students and their research projects.

Charvi Konduru & Jessica Guardiola-Comparing the surface temperatures of Richmond, Virginia and Forney, Texas

Kalkidan Samuel & Reza Javadi-Tabrizi-Measuring the UHIE on Local Urban Land Cover in Palmdale, CA and Barcelona, ES

Zion Walker & Makeda Duey-Carbon Dioxide’s Effect on the UHIE and Mitigation Techniques

Shrey Joshi-Aviation Heat Island Effect: A Novel Investigation into the contributions of airports to the Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE) and how this can be mitigated

Daniel Long-Groundwater and the UHIE