The Next 25 Years

The Next 25 Years

To Observe the Earth and Visualize the Future

GLOBE Satellites in Education Team (G-SET)

Over five decades of satellite and remote sensing data and technical infrastructure focused on observing the Earth continues to provide critical data and information for decision-makers daily. In fact, it plays a role in many of our daily lives and business practices.

Precollege students can now utilize the Space to Earth: Earth to Space (SEES) Model where observations and measurements can include both satellite and remote sensing imagery and data, and traditional investigations from the field, in other words, from the top-down, and the bottom-up. Using GPS and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the SEES Model can create layers of various data.  

With a focus on the Geosciences (Earth-Atmosphere-Oceans-Space), because of its very interdisciplinary nature, approach to investigating the Earth as a System, and the advanced use of multiple technologies, the supporting engineering, and accompanying mathematics, makes this an authentic approach to STEM education initiatives.

To Observe the Earth and Visualize the Future” provides a wide-range of innovative and transformative opportunities to develop proficiencies, gain experience, and explore career pathways that are not readily available to them as part of the precollege community.

Therefore, the GLOBE Satellites and Education Team seeks to:

  • Create a community-driven clearing house focused on the coordination of the educational resources, efforts, and student opportunities among and between current, past, and future satellite missions and space exploration to support the use of satellite imagery, remote sensing, data, and computer visualizations in the K-12 Classroom

  • Provide authentic STEM and/or CTE Student Pathways that contribute to our national security and economy through using real-world applications from satellites and satellite data creating a diverse future workforce for both precollege and undergraduate students
  • Broaden Participation in the Geosciences and GeoSTEM
  • Identify and Engage the Next Generation of Earth SySTEM Professionals

  • Promote Data Literacy

  • Engage in the Space to Earth: Earth to Space (SEES): An Earth SySTEM Approach in Investigating the Earth System

  • Encourage GLOBE students to use satellite derived data and information in establishing research projects for GLOBE, SRS, IVSS submissions

  • Utilize the Acquire- Analyze- Apply (A3) Strategy

  • Develop Earth Monitoring Stations – the study of Earth as a system

  • Develop an organization that supports and provides opportunities for earth observations and space exploration supported by Industry, Government, and Education

  • Recognizes the 25th Anniversary of the GLOBE Program and on-going support of NASA, NOAA, NSF and Department of State, builds on the numerous accomplishments of the GLOBE Community, and sets a pathway towards the future.


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