Nektaria Adaktilou holds a BSc in Physics, a Msc in Environmental Physics- Meteorology and a PhD in Remote Sensing Education and Assessment, all from the University of Athens. Her PhD thesis involved the design, development and formative evaluation of a learning platform for the instruction of Remote Sensing in Higher Education.

Her main area of interest in remote sensing is the urban environment. Learning material development and education assessment are areas of focus as well. She works as Special Teaching staff at the Department of Physics of the University of Athens on a non paid leave at present). She has recently been affiliated with West Virginia University, Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, Dept. of Geography and Geology as an Adjunct Assistant  Professor. 

She is the author of 20 papers in peer reviewed journals and conferences' proceedings and the author of two book chapters in scientific editions.

She has worked for 13 research projects so far,. 10  for the Department of Physics in Athens and 2 for West Virginia View, through WVU And one for NASA. The later is a  STEM education project in which she is involved as a consultant (evaluator) for the University of Toledo, Ohio.  

For GLOBE in particular, she is a GLOBE certified trainer, involved in the Program from its beginning. She has been the point of contact for science in Greece for the period 2007-2015. She has served in the Science Advisory Committee for GLOBE for two years (2012-2014) and has been the Chair of the Evaluation Working Group since 2014.

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