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International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS) 2024 Launches in October!
October 2023 will see the launch of the 2024 International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS)! This year, the theme is "Climate Investigations: Understanding Earth as a System."  >>

2023 GLOBE Regional Meeting for Europe and Eurasia will be Held from 16-20 October
The 2023 GLOBE Regional Meeting for Europe and Eurasia will be held from 16-20 October 2023 in Riga, Latvia.  >>

GLOBE Student Vloggers -- October Update
The GLOBE Student Vloggers, GSV Mentors, and GSV leads met together this last month for their September virtual meet up. During the meeting, the students were trained in the importance of voice over for accessibility for all viewing or listening to their videos.  >>

GLOBE Observer Eclipse
On 14 October 2023, an annular eclipse will take place in North, Central and South America. You can make clouds, air temperature, and land cover observations during the eclipse with The GLOBE Program’s GLOBE Observer app’s Eclipse tool.  >>

GLOBE Observer Connect
Join us on 05 October at 8 pm ET (0:00 UTC on 06 Oct) for GLOBE Observer Connect, a monthly series of short conversations about GLOBE data, science, and the latest updates.  >>

Save the Date: 2023 North American Regional Meeting
The 2023 GLOBE North American Regional Meeting for Partners and educators will be held virtually from 01 - 03 November. Registration is now open.  >>

Observer Science Blogs
Head on over to the Observer website to read the latest science blogs from our science leads and guests from the scientific community.  >>

Year of Climate and Carbon and IVSS -- Upcoming Webinar!
On 25 October, a webinar will be held combining the Year of Climate and Carbon and the International Virtual Science Symposium.  >>

October Tech Update
The Data and Information Systems (DIS) team has been working on implementing the Eclipse tool within The GLOBE Program’s GLOBE Observer app. Other improvements to come!  >>

Campaign and IOP Proposal Process Update
The proposal process for GLOBE Campaigns and Intensive Observation Periods (IOPs) has recently been updated.  >>