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"Rising GLOBE Superstar" Yashraj Patil Gives Presentation on The GLOBE Program — 4 April 2024

Join us as Yashraj Patil speaks from the University of Kentucky about GLOBE and his contributions to earth science, software engineering, global diplomacy, and more.

Yashraj Patil is a multifaceted professional with notable contributions in research, science, technology, and diplomacy. Patil is known for his multilateral diplomacy contributions, including a distinguished presentation at the 78th session of UN General Assembly Science Summit and his role as a UNITAR Global Diplomacy Fellow. He is a peer mentor in NASA's SEES Internship Program as well as a GISN Scientist at The GLOBE Program. His groundbreaking work in Ladakh with Himalayan Expedition in 2021 highlights his dedication in exploring the Earth, leading to a historic achievement in high-altitude GLOBE Observations. As an experienced Software Engineer at the Hexaware Technologies Limited and contributor to international space forums like the Space Generation Fusion Forum, Patil's work reflects a deep commitment to leveraging technology and science for global good.

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Date: 4 April 2024
Time: 9:30 a.m. CDT (2:30 p.m. UTC)

Event Topics: Webinars

Events origin: GLOBE Implementation Office