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14 March GLOBE ENSO Webinar: “NASA Earth Science Efforts”

ENSO webinar graphic -- showing satellites orbiting the Earth

Register today for the GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign webinar: “NASA Earth Science Efforts.” The webinar will take place on Tuesday, 14 March, at 8:00 p.m. EST (1:00 a.m. UTC). You can join this webinar by registering here.

In this hour-long webinar, we will hear about NASA's Earth Science Big Questions and the current missions investigating them. We will also hear from a scientist about how they do their research and some of the real-world applications involved, as well as from teachers about how they incorporate information about NASA Earth science missions into their teaching.

Throughout the GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign, regular guest blogs from scientists and teachers. In addition, there is information on the science of ENSO, how to participate in the campaign, analysis tools, numerous resources, and engaging discussion opportunities on the webpage. Keep checking back to discover what’s new with Phase II of the campaign!  

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