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22 March GLOBE MISSION EARTH Webinar: “Teachers Sharing their Best Practices on Implementing GLOBE into the Classroom”


GLOBE Teachers: Register now for the 22 March GLOBE MISSION EARTH webinar: “Teachers Sharing their Best Practices on Implementing GLOBE into the Classroom.” The webinar will be held at 8:00 p.m. EST.

The national project, MISSION EARTH, supports STEM education in elementary school through middle school, high school, and college by integrating GLOBE/NASA materials into K-12 science instruction. The overarching aim of MISSION EARTH is to produce national systemic change in STEM education through the creation of a recommended curriculum progression for diverse school districts across the United States. 

Students, teachers, and scientists are invited to engage in a series of webinars that marry GLOBE’s goals of increasing student data entry and student research and engaging the world community in improving the Earth’s environment with NASA’s goals of attracting students in STEM disciplines and engaging Americans in NASA's missions.

And don’t miss the upcoming MISSION EARTH webinars (all are on Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. EST)):

  • 05 April: “What is it Like to Work on a NASA Mission? Linking GLOBE to the Career Tech Education Standards”
  • TBD May: “Getting Ready for the Solar Eclipse Occurring on August 21, 2017”

Please register for each webinar. All webinars take place in ZOOM Conference Room. Zoom link information:

Missed some of the previous MISSION EARTH webinars? You can find them on the Mission Earth YouTube channel


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