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Engaging in the Scientific Journey of the 2023 IVSS – But Missed the Informational Webinar? The Recording is Available!

Photo of a woman participating in research for the IVSS

Miss the Informational Webinar for the 2023 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS)? It has been recorded and is now available.

The IVSS is a way for primary through undergraduate students from all GLOBE countries to showcase their research. The theme for this year’s journey into science and research is: “Global Connections: Investigating Earth as a System Together.”

This year, which is the tenth year of the IVSS, students are encouraged to explore the Earth as a System Protocol Bundles and use them as tools to investigate their environmental research questions. This year’s theme also has similarities to NASA's Year of Open Science and inspires students to make connections with other students and scientific explorations around the world. Students are also advised to present their research in creative ways, for example, through storytelling tools including video, online media, storyboards, drawings, and more.

For more information on the 2023 IVSS, and to view the webinar, click here.

2023 IVSS Projects Will Be Accepted in Thai This Year!

In addition to accepting projects in Arabic, Croatian, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, GLOBE will be accepting projects in Thai!

Volunteer to Judge!

The GLOBE Implementation Office is seeking the assistance of volunteer judges to score student projects for the 2023 IVSS. (To take part in this greatly appreciated effort, volunteer judges will be provided with scoring information and assigned projects. Please plan on spending time between 29 March and 05 April 2023 scoring projects. Please NOTE: To receive a Certificate of Recognition for judging, volunteer judges will need to score a minimum of three projects by the due date. More information will be available later in 2022 and early in 2023.)

To fill out the volunteer judging form, click here.  

Additional Dates to Keep in Mind:

  • Reports Accepted: 01 January through 10 March 2023
  • Due Date for Student Reports: 10 March
  • Judging Webinar: 29 March 
  • Judging Period: 30 March through 09 April
  • Feedback and Virtual Badges Shared: Earth Day, 22 April
  • Drawing for Stipends: Earth Day, 22 April

If you have any questions, please contact



News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office