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GLOBE Teachers: Write About GLOBE for NSTA's Journal, The Science Teacher

The Science Teacher (TST), the award-winning journal of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), has issued a call for manuscripts that describe new and creative ideas for the secondary science classroom – and The GLOBE Program would like to encourage GLOBE teachers to share their GLOBE experience and expertise with TST's savvy and sophisticated audience.

TST is seeking manuscripts that provide "worthwhile ideas and practical help for teachers" as they relate to the following themes:

  • New Tools for Data Collection and Sharing (Deadline: 15 August)
  • Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions (Deadline: 15 August)
  • 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Problem Solving (Deadline: 1 September)
  • Crosscutting Concepts and Interdisciplinary Projects (Deadline 1 October)
  • Science for All (Deadline: 15 October)
  • Science and Engineering (Deadline: Ongoing)
  • Activities and Investigations (Deadline: Ongoing)
  • General Topics (Deadline: Ongoing)
  • Idea Banks (Deadline: Ongoing)
  • Commentaries (Deadline: Ongoing)
  • Letters to the Editor (Deadline: Ongoing)

In addition to these topics, TST is always seeking original manuscripts on any secondary science education topic, in accordance with their author guidelines

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office