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Have you been keeping up with the latest GLOBE Star Stories? GLOBE Stars are stories of projects, people and extraordinary activities being conducted around the world in connection to GLOBE. These GLOBE Stars are the bright lights that spark our imagination and inspire us with news of GLOBE at work in the world.

Read our most recent Star Story:

GLOBE Ireland Hosts Air Quality Campaign End-of-Year Event to Showcase and Celebrate Student EffortsOn 10 May 2022, GLOBE Ireland hosted a virtual Air Quality Campaign “End-of-Year” event from Dublin, Ireland. More than 200 people attended the event, including primary school student classes, secondary school groups, and teachers. In addition, Dr. Tony Murphy (GLOBE Implementation Office/GIO Director), Andy Fanning (Irish Environmental Protection Agency/EPA Programme Manager), members of the Irish EPA citizen science team, Dana Votapkova and Lenka Kleger (GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Regional Coordination Office), scientists from University College Cork, and Ramona Mercieca (GLOBE Malta Country Coordinator) participated in the event.

“The Irish GLOBE Air Quality Campaign held an end-of-year online event to showcase and celebrate the work of GLOBE students during the school year as part of the GLOBE Air Quality Campaign,” said Aileen Bright, GLOBE Ireland Country Coordinator. “The GLOBE Air Quality Campaign runs twice a year in Ireland, and is based on monitoring nitrogen dioxide, a traffic-related pollutant at schools.”

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office


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