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Surface Temperature Field Campaign Sees Warmest Temps in Eastern United States. Read Dr. C’s Latest Blog

Surface Temperature Field Campaign

As of the second week of the 2015 Surface Temperature Field Campaign, 26 schools, eight countries, and 9 US states had entered 414 observations – showing the warmest temperatures seen to date in any field campaign in the eastern United States.

The Surface Temperature Field Campaign is a research effort between GLOBE schools and scientists to understand the relationship between ground snow cover and surface temperature. The over-arching question that this field campaign hopes to address is “how does surface cover affect surface temperature?”

The goal of the campaign is to involve students in short-term and long-term scientific studies focused on climate and land cover near their school and in comparisons with schools across the globe as a contribution to scientific research efforts of scientists.

To keep up on the latest information on this campaign, read Dr. Kevin Czajkowski’s latest blog. (Dr. Czajkowski is a professor at the University of Toledo in the Department of Geography and Planning. He is trained meteorologist and the focus of his research is on using remote sensing to study the Earth from space.)

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