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U.S. Middle/High School Educators: NASA Langley Research Center’s GLOBE Partnership Accepting Applications (Due 24 June) for the ENGAGE Cohort (2022/2023 School Year)

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U.S. Middle/High School Educators: The ENGAGE (Earth, NASA, GLOBE and Guided Explorations) GLOBE Mission Earth program is providing an opportunity for you to participate in a year-long program to explore ways to help your students improve their observation and science writing skills using The GLOBE Program.

Participants will be introduced to pacing guides and lesson plans centered on outdoor environmental observations. The sequence will culminate in student writing that will be considered for publication on the GLOBE website. (While materials will focus on Earth science, a broad range of educators are welcome to apply.)

Timeline and Expectations

Summer Professional Learning Schedule (15 hours)
     July 20, 2022                          1 - 2 pm eastern            Kickoff Meeting
     Pre-work on your own   Approximately 5 hrs.           GLOBE eTraining
     August 3, 2022               1 - 4 pm eastern                               Session 1
     August 4, 2022               1 - 4 pm eastern                               Session 2
     August 5, 2022               1 - 4 pm eastern                               Session 3

School Year Expectations (One hour per monthly meeting (8) plus 12 hours for implementation)

Monthly cohort sessions

  • First Tuesday of each month from 7 - 8 pm eastern daylight time (09/06, 10/04, 01/01, 12/06, 01/03, 02/07, 03/07, 04/04)
  • Teachers complete monthly milestones and share results
  • Support and content for the next milestone will be provided
  • Additional NASA resources will be shared

Classroom Activities - Anticipated to take 12 class periods

  • Introduction to Science Writing Nature Notes Format
  • Complete GLOBE Educator One-Week Pacing Guide
  • Submit at least 1 GLOBE Observation
  • Use Nature Notes Observation sheet
  • Students write GLOBE Nature Note  
  • Complete GLOBE Nature Note Peer Review Process (students receive feedback and refine their GLOBE Nature Notes)
  • Submit Qualified Student GLOBE Nature Notes through GLOBE Website

    NASA Langley Research Center's GLOBE Partnership is accepting applications for the ENGAGE GLOBE Mission Earth educator cohort for the 2022-2023 school year.

    A broad range of educators (science, math, computer science, library, STEM/STEAM, etc.) are welcome to apply. While the content is focused on Earth Science, it can be incorporated in many creative ways in learning settings.

    Applications are due by June 24, 2022.

To learn more about NASA HEAT, click here.

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