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students at Hampstead Central School (New Hampshire, USA) watch students from Timoleague National School (Ireland) on a screen in their classroom during a virtual meeting between the two schools
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  Two people in waders stand in a stream
  John Olgin points to the sky in a GLOBE Cloud training

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Analyzing and Communicating Phenology Data Students have collected their data … now what?  A good place to start putting data in context is to think of what questions came up before or...
Phenology Scientist Interviews Dr. Dave Steinberg, Wildlife Biologist, University of New Hampshire Dr. Dave Steinberg studies phenology of amphibians and reptiles. Download the transcript for...
North American Regional Meeting (NARM) Event Date: 11/01/2023 - 11/03/2023 2023 NARM Event Information 2023 NARM Attendee Log-in Zoom information for the 2023 event is in your...
North America Phenology Campaign Welcome from the Canada and U.S. GLOBE Country Coordinators   Dates: September 2023 - December 2023 The North America Phenology Campaign is focused on...
Phenology Resources Background Information Green-down and phenology information can be found in: Teacher Guides for most learning activities (e.g., see A First Look at Phenology; PDF) ...
North America Phenology Campaign FAQ Can I enter green-down and green-up data with a "citizen scientist" account? No. In order to upload green-down or green-up data (and create student accounts)...
Recorded Webinars Green-Down in the Classroom — with Ellen Ervin and Cheryl Williams Two GLOBE educators, Ellen Ervin (elementary math and science specialist, NH) and Cheryl Williams (high...
Learning Activities Elementary Level Middle school Level High school level   Elementary Level Activities A First Look at Phenology (PDF): Students will observe, compare, and...
Country Reports Below, you will find all the Country Reports available for the countries of the North America region. To access them, simply click on the country name below the...
Transcript from interview with Dr. Alison Post
Transcript for interview with Dr. Dave Steinberg, University of New Hampshire
Green-Down Quick Steps and Tutorials Do you need help getting started? Here are some steps and tutorials to guide you through the Green-Down protocol! Step 1: Select a site and a tree to monitor....

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