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Eco-Schools and The GLOBE Program are working together to integrate our high-quality, STEM-focused, and environment-based programs. Eco-Schools is a global program run by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and is found in over 70 countries around the world and reaches over 13 million students annually.

Eco-Schools USA is proud to provide the tools and resources that support student empowerment for a sustainable tomorrow. 

Our resources page has tools to assist in the development of your own GLOBE and Eco-Schools collaborations.

About the National Wildlife Federation

Wildlife's ability to survive the challenges of the 21st century is becoming outpaced by the events that are transforming our world. Climate change, habitat loss, and people becoming more disconnected from nature than past generations are converging on a dangerous path for our planet. For the last eight decades, National Wildlife Federation has been a leader in wildlife and habitat protection and conservation.

Over the past forty years, National Wildlife Federation has been a leader in environment-based education and has brought the joy and wonder of the natural world to students and teachers around the world. Our work for youth includes Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr. publications, Eco-Schools USA, Certified Schoolyard Habitats, and Learning about Forests. 

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