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Fall Cloud Challenge Begins Today (15 October-15 November): What’s Up in YOUR Sky? Submit Your Observations of Purple Sunrises or Sunsets

Picture by Jan Curtin, Vail, Arizona, USA (
Picture by Jan Curtin, Vail, Arizona, USA (

Have you noticed purple sunrises or sunsets where you live? Submit your photographs to GLOBE or GLOBE Observer, especially as start the Fall Cloud Challenge: What's Up in Your Sky (15 October through 15 November).

“People around the world have been noticing purple skies at dawn and at dusk, calling it the Raikoke Sunsets (see photographs submitted). The purple color is because of sulfurous gas that was launched into the stratosphere when the Raikoke volcano, located in Russia's Kirul Islands, erupted on June 22nd. Fine volcanic aerosols in the stratosphere, formed from this gas, scatter blue light, and when mixed with the orange colors you expect at sunrise or sunset, you get that purple hue,” said Marilé Colón Robles, lead for the GLOBE Clouds Team at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, in a recent blog “Fall Cloud Challenge: Observations of Volcanic Plume Causing Purple Sunsets Around the World.”

To read the entire blog, click here.

The Fall Challenge

The NASA GLOBE Clouds Team at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, USA, is excited to announce the NASA GLOBE Clouds Fall Data Challenge. Participants are invited to enter up to ten observations per day of clouds, dust, haze or smoke from 15 October through 15 November.

Participants – students, teachers, educators, and the general public – can enter their data using any of GLOBE’s data entry tools, including the clouds tool on the GLOBE Observer citizen science app. GLOBE and GLOBE Observer participants with the most observations will be congratulated by NASA scientists with a video posted on the NASA GLOBE Clouds website. (Only those that enter their cloud observations using the GLOBE Online Data Entry website, GLOBE Data Entry app, or the GLOBE Observer app will be considered.)

For more information on the challenge, click here.

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