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GLOBE Welcomes Jennifer Bourgeault as U.S. Country Coordinator

The GLOBE Program Office (GPO) announces the appointment of long-time partner, scientist and teacher, Jennifer Bourgeault, as GLOBE Country Coordinator for the United States of America.

 "I am pleased to welcome Jennifer to serve as U.S. Country Coordinator,"  GLOBE director Dr. Tony Murphy said. "Her educational background (in zoology and marine biology) and extensive experience leading science education professional development workshops in conjunction with her wide-ranging experience as a trainer and program coordinator amplifies just how highly effective she will be for the GLOBE community."

Bourgeault, coordinator of NCES New Hampshire GLOBE Partnership, has been an active member in the GLOBE community since 1997 when she worked with the Land Cover team at the University of New Hampshire. She has become a familiar face to many GLOBE participants in recent years through her GLOBE Carbon Cycle trainings for both national and international partners. 

Her knowledge of GLOBE best practices and outcomes as well as her superior communication skills will serve her well as the central point of contact for U.S. Partners. Bourgeault will also assist U.S. Partners with implementation and sustainability priorities and initiatives.

"I look forward to serving the Program in this new capacity as U.S.A. Country Coordinator. I am honored to work for and with our GLOBE Partners––a dedicated and talented group of science and educational leaders." said Bourgeault.

The Program Office and its federal sponsors, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), welcome Bourgeault to her new role. GPO also encourages you to show your support by sharing comments and feedback on our Facebook page. Just look for the posting with Bourgeault's picture.

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office