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Tech Update: December 2020

As always, GLOBE continues to work to ensure that your “use” of the website, and associated apps, is as user-friendly as possible. Check out the below for the latest tech updates:

The Website:

The highly anticipated website upgrade is now complete. All functionality, including login, data entry, and data retrieval have been returned to normal at this time. Stored observations within the GLOBE Observer app can now be submitted as well.

For more information about the upgrade, please take a look at our Website Upgrade One-Stop-Shop page.

GLOBE Observer App:

Total Solar Eclipse: Beginning 07 December, GLOBE Observer app users in South America will see the eclipse tool turned on in their apps. (In case you haven’t heard, there will be a total solar eclipse in South America on 14 December.) The app tool will be set up to be “geo-fenced;” and, therefore, will only be available to those within the following area (where the eclipse will be visible):

  • Latitude: -70 to 3
  • Longitude: -100 to -25

Everyone within the area is invited to make observations of air temperature and clouds using the app (and an external thermometer) both leading up to (as practice) and during this natural phenomenon. 

SAFETY FIRST: Never look directly at the Sun unless you are wearing certified eclipse glasses. And, as always, please follow guidelines from your local officials, and only participate in GLOBE activities or use the GLOBE Observer app if it is safe to do so.

For more details on how to participate in this rare natural event, click here.

Additional App Updates: Due to the updates needed to ready the GLOBE Observer app for the eclipse, Phase 1 of the Data Entry app merger into the GLOBE Observer app will not be available until mid-to-late January 2021.

Looking Ahead:

In January 2020, look for the Mosquito Habitat Mapper tool within the app to receive an update. In addition, look for a new ability to submit GLOBE observations to SciStarter. (SciStarter is the place to find, join, and contribute to science through providing people access to searchable formal and informal research projects and events.)

Have questions, or need assistance, contact the GLOBE Community Support Team at:




News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office