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Announcing the Student Stipends to Present Projects at the 2017 Annual Meeting

Congratulations to the students of four schools who were selected by random drawing today to receive a stipend to help defray the cost of attending, and presenting their projects at, the 2017 GLOBE Annual Meeting in News Haven, Connecticut in New Haven this summer. The student teams were chosen from among the 2017 International Virtual Science Symposium participants whose projects qualified for the drawing, which can be viewed here.

Two teams from the U.S. and two from schools outside the U.S. were selected. The projects and schools are:

Student Project: “Why Doesn’t Grass Grow on our Playground?”
Teacher: Marcy Burns
School: Main Street Intermediate School
Location: Norwalk, Ohio

Student Project: “How Do the Species of Macroinvertebrates in the Boulder Creek Compare with the Water Chemistry of the Stream?”
Teacher: Bill Meyers
School: Alexander Dawson School
Location: Lafayette, Colorado

Student Project: “Global Warming and His Actions in Maximal and Minimal Temperature Variations on the Continent”
Teacher: Michel Pedurand
School: Lycée Bernard PALISSY
Location: AGEN Aquitaine, France

Student Project: “Checking the Validity and the Quality of Wells’ Water in Jabel Al-Mukkaber Area”
Teacher: Nour Bakri
School: Al Faruk Elementary School Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Congratulations! We look forward to seeing you in New Haven, Connecticut this summer.


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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office