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New School Status Reporting Tool on the GLOBE Website

The new school status reporting tool has been launched on the website. This tool will allow Country Coordinators and U.S. Partners to be able to view the data reporting status of schools in their country.  The functionality is similar to the reporting tool on the old website, but includes more powerful filtering options. Schools can be filtered by:

  • Country
  • City
  • School Name
  • School ID
  • First, Last Report Date Ranges
  • Protocols Reported (with the option to view measurements by investigation areas)
  • Reporting Status (currently reporting, have reported in the past, not yet reporting)


The tool also gives Country Coordinators and Partners the ability to send an email to all teachers of a selected school. Filtered data can be exported in multiple formats such as CSV and Excel . The school reporting tool can be found in the control panel just below the Workshop Administration link and in the Partner and CC Community under ‘Administration & Reporting' or simply click here.

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