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Nominations for GLOBE Working Groups: Updated Information

Become a member of a GLOBE Working Group:

Nominations are starting to come in for the new GLOBE Working Groups in Science, Education, Evaluation, Technology, and Communication.

Due date is 24 May.

Learn more about the Working Groups:     

Read the Working Groups Terms of Reference (final draft) document, which outlines the purpose and functions of the five Working Groups. Get involved in shaping the future of The GLOBE Program and supporting the development and implementation of GLOBE worldwide by applying to join this new effort. You may apply for more than one Working Group. However, if selected, you will be assigned to the Working Group that will be best served by your particular skills and background. 

If you would like to apply to be considered for a place in a Working Group:  

Fill out the Working Group Candidate Statement and send it, along with a two page-resume, to and by 24 May 2014.

If you would like to nominate someone whom you think would be a good candidate for a Working Group:

Fill out the Working Group Nomination Form, and send it to and by 24 May 2014. Also, let the person whom you have nominated know that you are endorsing him/her, and ask him/her to send the Working Group Candidate Statement, along with a two-page resume, to and by 24 May 2014, in order to be considered.  


All documents above are also located on the GLOBE website at:


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