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Website Alert – GLOBE Website will be "Read Only" 3–5 October

3 - 5 October:  Website Upgrade

This weekend, the GLOBE website will be put into a "read-only" mode while we upgrade the software which runs  The site will return to normal operation by Monday, October 5th.  While there will be many upgrades performed on the software, the impact on most users should be small.  The changes will not affect Data Entry, the Visualization system or the primary look and feel of the main website.  Overall website performance, security and mobile support should improve, with additional features available in areas like the image and document libraries.

The administration area, currently under the Manage->Control Panel menu will change slightly. Teachers, Partners and Country Coordinators will see a link to "Users and Organizations" under the Manage button.  This area will look different, but the functionality provided is the same as the current site.  Partners and Country Coordinators will also find direct links to the Workshop Tool, and School Status Reports both of which are unchanged.  Similar to the current system, users who can add news, events and other content to their pages will see a direct link to "Web Content" under the Manage menu when they are on their organization pages.

New training materials and videos are being posted under the "Get Trained" section of the website to answer any questions.

We hope to make this transition as seamless as possible, but if you encounter any issues, please let us know by sending an email to or posting to our community support forum and we will work to address them as quickly as possible.

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