About the School

Princess Chulabhorn's College,Trang is a boarding school that focus on science and mathematic.


2020 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium

Microplastics in sea water and fish in coastal area in Trang province, Thailand

Study of micro-plastic contamination in sediment at the beach in Sikao District Trang Province

Mosquito Larvae diversity and abundance relation to land cover in coastal area in Trang Province Thailand

Monitoring of Ambient Nitrogen Dioxide Concentrations in Mueang Trang District by Passive Sampling

2019 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium

The hunting efficiency of natural mosquito larvae predators

The relationships of water quality, soil quality and seagrass coverage in the coastal area of Trang province, Thailand

Comparison of seagrass coverage between ‘aerial photography’ and ‘direct field observation’ in Pak Klong Bay, Trang Province, Thailand

Study of mosquito species and their number in a touristic place in Pak Meng beach, Trang

2018 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium

The species of mosquito larvae and water quality in shrimp ponds,Trang province.

The effects of predators on mosquito larva numbers in Trang Province

2017 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium

Effects of container types and water qualities on the density of Aedes larvae in Trang province, Thailand

Organization Information

Princess Chulabhorn Science High School Trang
196 Moo 4 Bang Rak, Muang District
Phone: 6675590364
Email: N/A
Website: http://pcctrg.thaischool1.in.th/

GLOBE Information

Year Joined: 2003
Latitude: 7.5524
Longitude: 99.5584
Elevation (meters): 58

School Information

Grade Levels: Secondary: 7-12
School Type: Public
Student Count:  65
Principal: Mrs.Suwanee Uengwarakorn