A day to remember


We are pleased to share with the whole GLOBE Community; an activity carried out by the students of 5th Year of Provincial School Nº 23 A.R.A. General Belgrano de Maquinista Savio, Escobar, Province of Buenos Aires, accompanied by their teachers to celebrate the  Environment day.

Previously selected the site by teachers, on Friday, June 2, 2017, every student on his bike launched the adventure.

Teachers organised different students groups, and each group was identified with the name of Antarctic birds and left the school on their bikes to challenge the prepared activities.

Each of the groups accompanied by their teacher had the plan of the place, the route to follow and the activities to develop.

The role of the teacher in this activity was to accompany the children who had to solve the slogans alone, as well as make decisions.

The WhatsApp, "Bicycling 5th year 2017" was created to be always communicated and to meet the needs that arise during the activity.

There were four stops, and each one was waiting for a different activity
In the first one, they had to solve orientation and use instructions of the compass.
In the second station, the students had to take advantage of the recognition of the traffic signals, classify them and remember which of them they saw along the way until arriving at the closed neighbourhood, even those that were in the same vicinity.

Also in this station, the position of the sun was observed and indicated on the map where it was located about the place where they were.
In the third stop with the GLOBE cloud card, the clouds were identified, and they were oriented using the compass.

After the picnic to recover strength arrived at the last station called Antarctica, where the children had a series of questions to answer, and for this, they had a text explaining the subject; The children had to read, to make comprehension of text and to answer the required instructions. In turn, the question officially introduced the following activity as these kids would participate a few days later an Antarctic Dissertation Day for schools

It was a successful activity where the students joined the creativity of the teachers and the enthusiasm of the bicycle.

As a summary of this adventure students had to make their mural diary with the experiences of both days.

Our primary thanks and congratulate the managers, teachers and students for the creative activity carried out,

Thank you for sharing this experience!
Just as they, many other teachers with their students, surely perform GLOBE activities that they want to show.

It is a way of getting to know each other, and thus, not only share their activity but generate ideas for new projects that may well be collaborative between two or more schools.

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